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I Think I am Beginning to Know Why the Cage Bird Sings

Posted on April 28th, 2003

I think I am beginning to know why the caged bird sings.

Why? You ask. Learn on your own, every bird has a song.
Some sing for this, Some sing for that
Some sing for this, Some sing for that
Some sing for this, Some sing for that
Some sing for this, This bird sings while the crap goes splat on the floor of the cage.

Can’t leave the smell, no where to go,
No ethics help pull the bonds up and out of that ten feet deep hold,
Down the dirt that’s not truth but bent back on those busts of husky demon play things
Swing swang swoong off flew the blood of this english muffin man
Buttered up and called a biscuit,
Basically flaking away chip by chip, while Humpty slipped off the steep walls.
Mess filled cans of cavernous past tachometers measure up life’s flat lined times
Tightly tested bowels swing x vowels x howls and x plows
Illustrations under pint up crusty bugger blopping mentality
Casualties run high by and by,
Those I’ll fly away oh glory times fly by with far less frequency,
While decency seems to run it’s own course up the south flowing river
Sends shiver after shiver after shiver through tiny slivers of gizzards
I ate and choked upon while fishing ponds of autumn sons
For the one that can’t get away.

Decision’s made,
With the queen of spades nipping away at the side needin plucking.
But hey there’s a way through gray blobs of crap filled cages,
Some one else has paid the wages
Under up and out of various stages, cases,
And those blatant bonds ten feet deep in the hold break
While baked under what some call
Mystic red covered stick crossed over by perpendicular beam
Nailed n shelled what held His unfailed assignment
Befuddled confinement’s steep walls and flat lined times
To run high casualties back and ward off far less frequency
Decently only recently day by day unbuttered biscuits
Flake less n less mess into those
Cans of cavernous past tachometers will one day measure no more.

Nugget_Truck2Nugget Truck” by ben – originally posted to Flickr as Nugget Truck. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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