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Cross Your Heart with Children…

Posted on August 7th, 2010

Photo: Ben Harper

And here is yet another version of “Cross Your Heart and Pray for Hope”. This version features the singing of the two children who named the tune, my daughter Lauren Hughes and my friend Ben Harper’s son Billy. They came into The Rhythm Center’s studio to record the melody and I must admit, the finished product came out very nice.

I decided to add some “sound effects” to this version to give you the feeling of two children walking down a beach. Much like my brother and I used to do on the bay when we were young. If you have not heard or read about this piece of music then you can visit the original post to read the story behind this music and to hear the original recording of the tune. You can also visit this post to watch a video slide show of photos I received of children playing on the Gulf Coast’s beaches.

Click Here to download the audio file

I should also include links to the sound files I used on this version. If you ever need sound effects there is a wonderful website, freesound.org, where you can search through a massive number of quality free sound effects. Here is a list of the ones I used in this version of “Cross Your Heart and Pray for Hope”.

Steps sand beach.wav
Steps sand.wav
Children Playing In Bay.wav
Beach at Aarhus bugt.WAV

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