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A Southern, Northern, and Everywhere Celebration of Sarah Halperin Horn

Posted on December 26th, 2013

[Updated 12-27-13 9:50 AM]

WOW! Look below to see the list of some of the “Everywhere Celebrations!”


Three celebrations for an amazing person! Look below for more information. If you would like to support Sarah’s husband, Jason, and her daughter, Lena, donations may be sent via PayPal to hornfamilyfund@gmail.com. Donations received will be used to purchase a set of stones in New York City’s Central Park engraved with Sarah’s name and a message from Sarah to Lena.

A “Southern” Celebration of Sarah Halperin Horn:
Sunday, December 29 at 4:00 PM, Dauphin Island, Public Beach
Directions: Go over the Dauphin Island bridge, come to three way stop, turn right, go about a mile down the road and the public beach will be on the left just after Dauphin Island Elementary School.
(Due to nasty looking weather on Saturday we moved the time to Sunday.)

A “Northern” Celebration of Sarah Halperin Horn:
If you are in the New York area and would like to attend the services they are having this Saturday you may visit hornlink.blogspot.com for more information.

An “Everywhere” Celebration of Sarah Halperin Horn – Saturday, December 28, 3PM EST:
Because there are so many people touched by Sarah’s wonderful personality, Jason has also set a time for anyone, anywhere to stop and celebrate Sarah. On Saturday, December 28 at approximately 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time there will be people all over the world celebrating.

Jason’s idea “If we could reproduce this everywhere there are people who can’t make it to one of the formal celebrations that would be magical.” So, if you want to celebrate Sarah’s life but will be somewhere else on Saturday, don’t worry, just paddle out into the ocean, a lake or river, or just go somewhere peaceful and think about Sarah at about 3 p.m. EST on Saturday. Her smiles will be filling the earth!

[Update 12-27-2013 9:50]

Current Everywhere Celebrations: Yes! There is no way to keep up with all of the people celebrating Sarah. I have tried to copy some of the Facebook posts and and have pasted them below. This is wonderful! Way to go Sarah Horn! You touched many many many people with your love, smiles and joy! Please don’t forget to photograph your celebration!

California: Baja, Los Angeles, Folly Beach
South Carolina
Puerto Rico
Berlin Germany, Lake Grossglienicker
Sumter, S.C.
Patty Brown Gordon I posted a post about Sarah on a running group I belong to and a few people have already said they will run for #teamsarah this weekend too!
Ryan Stone She will have a minion in San Francisco. Got a small skate crew, we are going to skate to baker beach and light a candle. Live to ride, ride to remember
Alex Broner Kelly, Liv and I are going out of Melbourne Beach in Fl
Josh Bolton Santa Monica State Beach representin’
Ted M. Tiffany I’ve got the North Bay covered and am going to paddle out of Bodega Bay….
Sara Agah Michael and I and our whole crew will celebrate Sarah’s life here on the Indian Ocean.
Debby Cooperman Stone We will do it in SO CA – Encinitas.
Kelly Vanderveen Day We are organizing a paddle out for San Diego too- anyone that wants to join us South Ponto in Carlsbad 12:00.
Jen Glenn My mom, sister and I will paddle out in Sydney to remember one of the sweetest souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Brooke Barlow Nichol – College Station, Texas
Courtney Sells Raleigh Celebrating here in Nashville TN
Michelle Badon Allen Add Madagascar!

We need your pictures!
Please take a picture of yourself celebrating Sarah during your “Everywhere” celebration and email it to celebratesarah@hughesfuse.com. It would be great if in your picture you had a sign with a message or something with your location. Just have fun and send us a photo of your personal celebration of Sarah. This email address will go to Jason and a few other people. We would like to create a slideshow of all the people celebrating Sarah’s life to share with her family.

Here are a few photos of Sarah in high school at W.P. Davidson. She was an amazing gift.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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