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Sarah Horn – A Beautiful Life Celebrated Everywhere

Posted on January 7th, 2014

Maine (3)Sarah Horn, a truly wonderful person, passed away on December 23 after a heroic battle against cancer. Her husband Jason asked people to celebrate her life on December 28th, and people all around the world took part in honoring her life. People paddled surfboards, canoes and kayaks into oceans and lakes. Some people climbed mountains, rode horses, released balloons, prayed in church and lit candles. Others played in the rain, went on a walk with their children and most everyone released flowers into lakes, rivers, oceans and streams. Some people in the frozen parts of the world placed flowers in the snow or ice. It was beautiful and we all could feel Sarah’s smile.

As I watched pictures fill Facebook and other social media I tried to keep up. Some people emailed images of their celebration to celebratesarah@hughesfuse.com. I found every image I could find and decided to post them all here in honor of Sarah. It is uplifting to look at the many images and know that the people in the photos and behind the cameras were touched by the light of Sarah Horn. She truly filled the world around her with joy and laughter. What a beautiful tribute to an even more beautiful soul…

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