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Lashed Down

Posted on September 17th, 2014

I want to lash out and tell the world,
Tell the kids what you and I did to get here,
Covered in this shit of separate lives and walls and lies.
But I continue to try to walk, head held high
Above these cloudy skies
And smoke filled cries.

Her little voice asks me to pick her up, play, pat her back and say I love you.
But you divide and conquer, thinking you protect her from something I am not.
A lie you choose to believe and perceive things that are not there.
I swear inside and die a little each time you use your title
To whittle away at the love they have for me.

Hearts break when intentions are twisted,
You missed it and I listed every time
You degraded and sedated my love,
My steps toward you always missed your moving mark
You shifted as I attempted to draw near
And sparks cleared the way
But now I can’t stay under these rays
That burn holes in my soul causing
Thick skin to thin down.
Brokenness crowned,
We know all
about it…


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