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Gray Ghetto Blaster

Posted on April 14th, 2015

Fair cruel maid, have you slain him?
I want to know, I need to know.
Why the loss? Why the chase? Why the tossing of love away?
I miss him… My friend inside there somewhere,
I still care and stare just like those little bears we never used to like.

Allentown in the snow I go again within
to recall the falls and calls from kids passing by.
You giggled then slipped on, away down the mountain
while fountains of brotherhood counted all dirt clods stopped
and bullies popped in the lip with a fist uplifted in protection.
That is you, deep down.

Where in the hell has he gone?
Pushed away in something I can’t understand.
Unmanned and blowing in the wind, questions wander and ponder deep in my heart.
Oh God, you really are in the middle, right?
Understandably lost with no idea of where you are.
Seen but misconstrued I conclude nothing
under the weight of love and respect,
that treks over the mounds of life to find a truth I want to know,
a truth I need to know.

Has she slain? Have they slain?
My blood inside there somewhere,
I still care and stare out over the waters we dove in.
where the sun would dip and sizzle.
If that pier could talk it would sing tales of batteries tumbling into water,
with the old gray ghetto blaster casting silence under lavish laughter.
I want to know, are you okay down there
up to the waste in water, or has the tide waved in too high?

You stood and smiled from the silliness of it all.
Dancin and boppin till darkness took the boards
from under your feet and slide them far away.

Batteries tumbling while gray ghetto blasters go faster
to plaster a memory here and there.
I stare and care and bare my way through it.
We all pray for that smirk and giggle to come again,
as we win over the tide that’s waved in too high.
I confide in the waters and blood of the son
who dipped and sizzled all those giggles deep inside here.
Here, where I care and stare, and stare and care,
and promise to bear this all the way to somewhere
The pier must come clear. It must come clear.

-written in 2004

Philips_D_8210-00_vintage_boombox16x9Header Image by Free Photo Fun. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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