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Glad I Found You Again

Posted on April 22nd, 2015

Hey you, so glad to see you again.
Turning that frown upside down
Is a pleasant page of this new life.
Loved by me yet hated by some,
I put you away.
Now here you are again.
We waited for walls to fall
And the contentious to cut bonds,
But you belonged here all along.

I was wrong to let you go.

So, thank you for returning to me,
Your curve and curl are needed.
The showing of teeth and wrinkled eyes
Will not shy away or lie within suppressed grins.
I refuse to invert you, convert you or hold you down again.
Shining in then out and all around
For folks to see the uplift,
The gift a bit of bright sunlight.

Cheeks pulled tight,
Whether weary or cheery
Moments are now cherished not chained.
You will remain on my lips forever,
Severed from clever controls
I hold a new bodaciously bold mold
of who I am and what I will be.
So so so glad we are together again,
My smile, My friend…

Don’t ever lose your smile. Don’t ever let anyone steal your smile. Don’t ever let the circumstances of life destroy your smile. There may be seasons where a smile must be tucked away in a safe place while storms seem to prevail. But please, do not follow my foot steps and intentionally hide or replace your smile with a fake for the sake of fitting it in to boxes that are not capable of holding the real thing.


Beach_SmileHeader Image by Richard Marris. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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