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Police Brutality, Police Militarization

Posted on April 30th, 2015

My blog is not intended to be a political blog. It is intended to be a place for me to post writings and music on occasion. However, the current situations have prompted the following from me:

To my white friends, we do not know about police brutality like our black family (we Americans are a family like it or not). We can’t. They are the race that has been denigrated, treated like animals, criminals and second class citizens. Blacks have ALWAYS been brutalized and abused by our country. So when yet another black person is killed by the police they have every reason to stand up, scream, yell, and complain. If I was living in poverty in Baltimore and was black I honestly can’t say I wouldn’t have been out there rioting. I most definitely would have protested somewhere and would like to think I would have chosen peace over violence. But I digress… Bottom line, our white race was the race that did all of this. I don’t care how “not racist” you are, the facts of our history force us into this reality. We should look at the outrage in our black family and learn. They understand police brutality in a way we can’t. I hear some of you say, well they weren’t alive in the civil rights movement or they’ve never experienced it themselves. I would then ask you, in all of the videos of civil rights violence and current police violence, which color is doing the violence and which is receiving the violence?

To my black and white friends, does our country still have a race problem? Absolutely! 100% yes! However if we allow ourselves to be divided along racial lines yet again then we are all fools. We, as a nation of many colors and cultures, absolutely must come together and DEMAND a change in the culture of our police forces. Every one of us needs to educate ourselves and get involved locally to require public transparency into local police actions. Saying all of this I strongly suggest reading this book (http://www.cato.org/…/rise-warrior-cop-militarization-ameri…).

police-brutality Header Image by Quinn DombrowskiSome rights reserved.

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