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History’s Hallowed Halls

Posted on May 5th, 2015

Hurling hailstones of hatred from history’s hallowed halls,
all dolled up and decked out.
I want to kick, scream, and shout about it all.

Falsified fronts find flaky strength
steeped in fears of falling from “God’s calling” of superiority.
Saturated lies shy away & fly away from confrontations.
I can see, smell, hear n feel reverberations of exclamations
sounding, bounding, and resounding
throughout these thick halls of hallowed historical fact,
bouncing back in the faces of us intact with ancestral blood
who stood on the backs of those quote “cursed should be servants.”

Oh yes, you all held a huge lack of Biblical truth
built upon roots of racial pride.
Why all the presumptuous pinnacles of lie upon lie?
Trying to taste of grace and paste all,
yes every single one of His blessings upon our race!

Faith, hope, and love now effaced.
Replaced with spaces of fallowed races, forced and sold as factotums.
Biblically blundering Christendom. Legally flaring pandemonium.
Finally delivering freedom?
Dodged by deliberate de facto discrimination.
Built on stones of segregation.
Jim Crow was just a permutation.
A complete saturation of these hallowed historical halls
we white wash to hide the hatred.

Why must your hollow hearts malign my, oh my even your own “blood?”

If I could, it would change…
Colors that cover me would converge to stir up truth in you,
but God the Jew knew the blue halls I would stand and stare back into.
The son of a white man He chose to clothe my skin,
so I could quote “sin” the “sin” that reaps those
mu-lat-tos, or as Langston posed,
“yellow boys” who grow up women and men in a world of sin
again and again calling for change.

Child, I pray that as you and me, the collective we,
walk and talk the truth with and in our skins,
those definitions of “sins” can move away from
high yellows and red bones and just be known
as you or he or she,
humans through whom the truth
will come clear and continue every day
until these halls are no longer dolled up or decked out
but simply shouting the facts, plain and simple…

David A. Hughes

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