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Well That’s a Question

Posted on May 11th, 2015

So, what are you guys?
Eyes diverted, brows raised,
a smile induced haze breaks the moment
of somber loss for your friend.

Here it is again the essence of the why,
the what and the how
brothers and sisters have searched out for centuries.
I glanced into your eyes
and out over the field of bodies
hidden beneath soil,
flowers rise when showers come down
to moisten the earth
roots grow deeper
and the grass becomes a pretender
of all things beautiful and fearful.
Wonderful destruction takes us all
at the end when breath moves
from chest to breeze
and these hands cease to reach
for you.

Afraid to speak,
just a chuckled A B C
approach to multiple choice,
“all of the above” you say.
Noises inside my heart and head
push well past the dead
into this moment on the edge
of shifting sands behind me.
Yet curious as hell
to see where this path will wind and roll
through hills, valleys, mountains, rivers and streams,
under waterfalls cascading around,
washing sweet sounds upon twisted fruits
from false hopes and attacks in the past.

Holding on for now, tomorrow and future unseen sunrises.
The stars float over head this day.
I say we chuckle and continue this work in progress
To well past that SHAzam! ice cream cone moment
We will share at one thousand.

multiplechoiceHeader Image by Admissions360 some rights reserved.

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