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Impressively Cognizant

Posted on May 13th, 2015

Impressively cognizant of half truths.
You believe the received was some special connected download,
then mask it in the wondrous word “love” we woefully use
and abuse until it is essentially emasculated.

Don’t believe everything you hear anywhere,
not there or straight from the horse’s mouth
who has been encapsulated in mystical lies
of twisted pulpit puppets.

Some where back there it began and who knows why! I sure don’t!
All I know is after an attempt to utterly destroy me
I stood strong against the fire of a liar.
The breath of death smelled sweet and tempting
then suddenly in some gently administered press
to cast the net and drag me underground, truth came clean.

Clean I say!

Reached out and touched me.
Trembling and falling through a thousand nights
of wishful transparency I froze.
No words could move me.
It was a cold calculated mission to micro manage,
take control and keep a soul within that
world of withheld needs, broken words,
diverted truths and sensationally squandered passions.

Where is fault found?
Here and there, all around everywhere
with that bond now broken.
There was no “one” wrong but a multitude of mountains
crumbling down upon our heads.
Buried under the rubble of broken pasts,
angry presents and dark futures.
We had not an inkling of the stench that awaited us.

There is no pinning the blame upon a single soul.
That is only a half truth
that came due last June
and forced it’s lopsided offerings
upon a home struggling to survive.

Poor things were maimed
by that scum filled king
who ruled with a false jesus fist
uplifted as a covering for darker things.
Walking death was the joy
he did bring upon them
and then left as he came into the world
incapable of anything but rest.

So half truths continue to flow
I know they always will
Filled with touches of justice
and juicy words whispered as prayer requests
to those wonderful warriors hidden in closets
until the next bout of bogus truth rains down
upon their ears that do not hear the complete story.

All I can do is keep moving forward
toward those truths
encapsulated in that wondrous word “love”
I woefully used and abused until now.
I am beginning to grasp the whole truth
Uncovering the filth that filled me, consumed me
and trapped me within the walls of a damned man
who went before me but trained up an image
that mirrored his hidden agenda in approach but not content.

Maybe that is where the blame belongs?
I don’t know and I won’t
so I choose to see this for what it is.
Two separate souls striving to make it in a broken world.

Bury_your_head_in_the_sand-02Header Image: “Bury your head in the sand” by Sander van der Wel from Netherlands – Bury your head in the sand…. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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