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Racer Top Covered Blade

Posted on May 17th, 2015

Haze crawls across and away, these lids barely budge.
A warm breath’s caress carries soft sleepy rhythms
around my spine and across my soul.
Lids close and warmth wafts me away into another dream…

Bird songs later call consciousness
out from under slumber’s peaceful release.
An awareness of nearly distant rhythms
flowing in another direction
turns me over to see where they may be.
Pulled in again I smell that sweet scent of a safe place.
A harbor I have sought and fought to cultivate
in distant lands so far removed from here.

While turning, my breath dissipates so fast
that a tiny gasp grapples with the reality
of a mesmerizing racer top covered blade.
Amazed, my smile ever so slowly peeps
from the corners of these cheeks.
I release a sigh of peace and
Adoration worthy of this queen.
On my side, sight frozen, I analyze the wonder here
covered in a cotton cocoon, inhaling and exhaling
as dreamy worlds unfurl their
banners of hope in her mind.

My eyes close while this pulsing sense of safety
burns deep into my synaptic self.
I know the time has come to move away today.
I know this peace filled space will remain, and
I know together we will retain that which
Softly swallowed us in sleep last night.


Header Image, “Sensual” by Charisse LanglaSome rights reserved.

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