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Posted on June 2nd, 2015

relationship evolving lyrically as two individuals’ ownership now safely hosts internal peace

Relationship has been used about and between us, it seems we are
Evolving into more, or have we already? That is the question?
     blush, smile, blush, smile
Lyrically, our hearts continue composing with greater depth
As they grow closer and reveal deeper songs that have been locked away inside
Two souls longing for genuine touch, these
Individuals’ merger is one secure place of protection.
Ownership of faults, fears and learned behaviors
Now melts away under the warm light of trust, this is a savior
Safely tending the garden, breaking new ground as it
Hosts fresh fruits under tilled earth birthing joy into
Internal realities of trust, dependence and reliable
Peace for both souls surrounded by one relationship.

Thornton_Willis_-Red_Wall-_1969,_Acrylic_on_Canvas,_103x108_inches-02Thornton Willis “Red Wall” 1969, Acrylic on Canvas, 103×108 inches” by VeredLieb – I took this photograph of my artwork in my own studio.Previously published: On my own website.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia.

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