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Posted on June 3rd, 2015

I do believe, in some way, some day
transparency will play the main role between “she” and I.
Free from twists and diversions.
Our excursions behind previously constructed bunkers
where we hunkered down to hide
while bombs exploded all around
shaking souls under sounds of insecurities
let loose to misconstrue what was spoken transparently.
Bound up in ungrounded anger
curving the flow of hope into fear,
a rope intended to connect
and be woven with the strands inside here,
        I touch my chest
at once so near but now the wheel
has turned to steer transparency
on the same weary way we both have walked
before on distant shores where volcanic sands
burned and died on the edges of a seeming paradise.

I don’t wanna fight no more.
My legs shake on Alabama shores
as I implore my broken heart to simply let go,
walk alone and slam the shutters tight,
protecting the light inside from any more eyes.
But I’m torn, the beauty of a bright sky
colored in love beckons me.
I peak out from within and seek the belief I pray is true,
that a fellow walker will speak transparently
and help me see again.
But until then I shall pour my laughter,
whispers and tears into clear glass bottles
of words in sound that will hopefully resound
around this world shouting out
to all who wish for the clarity
found when loving selflessly, transparency.


Today’s word play looks at the word “Transparency”. The poem flows from yesterday’s word “Relationship” and how transparency in relationships is a beautiful yet terrifying way to live. I’m not sure yet how to successfully walk transparently but it is something I am striving toward.

In a relationship, transparency requires both people to overcome fear and trust. However, when most of us have been hurt (something humans tend to do intentionally and unintentionally) in the past the process of walking transparently can become extremely difficult and muddled with old habits.

There is also the issue of maintaining healthy barriers. We, humans, don’t need to be transparent with everyone. That would be unsafe. Walking wide open is intended for a select few, maybe even a select one. It’s only possible within a relationship built upon two people walking in selfless love. This is a terrifying proposition but I will never cease seeking and believing it is possible.

Man-at-a-Window-Transparency-02Man at the window by Georgie PauwelsSome rights reserved

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