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Rainy With a Chance of Sunshine

Posted on July 30th, 2015

Holding on, with a smile, to mix matched argyle socks. The pile of clothes before me sleeps and slumbers while I wonder at the current state of slated shows on TV. Is this really the season’s prime time offering? I see myself reflected in the screen and suppose I’m only growing old. Sigh, fold together. Yeah I’ll check the weather, these go here, that there, this shirt and underwear will share space in a dark drawer. Talks of more rain in the west could restore some lake’s level. This drought has me here, clean shirt in hand, not sure how to step out and move on from the same cycle. Hot wash, cold rinse, high spin, then this new steam thing to burn germs away. Wash complete, beep beep, remove, reload, repeat. Place it all in the heat, water released, lint caught in the screen. Beep, drop dry clothes into the empty basket pulled beneath the open door. I carry another pile and smile at the forecast for the week: rainy with a chance of sunshine…


This was written a few months back when life was nearly unbearable.

In With the New Header Image by
Casey Fleser, some rights reserved.

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