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Amazing Little Man

Posted on August 8th, 2015

Amazing little man, I saw your picture again. I hope you are home where you belong asking “Why?”, “What’s your name?”, and all the wonderful things that flow from your powerful brain. May you continue to grow and learn, and overcome every mountain standing against you. May you find your way through every second of every day, through all the vines and branches that try to make your journey more difficult than most.

Zillions of thoughts seem to battle for attention while gazillions more fly overhead dropping bombs upon tracks carrying your trains of communication on multiple channels you flip through to construe the sensible series of sounds you choose. May you continue to grow, learn, and know the way through these webs of twisting roads.

Awesome little guy, so much stronger than I will ever be. I think about you and cheer you on from over here in my lane with my own little buddy who battles, like you, to construct truth in this life sized dream that’s more real than most people can grasp. Time with you was brief but I and my little ones send you all the strength we can send. May you take control of that which tries to control you. May you always find peace protection and joy little guy, and may love always surround you.

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