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Heading Home

Posted on August 8th, 2015

Heading home down dark roads, across bridges and over waters that contain more memories than I can possibly possess in this mind of mine. Reviewing the past few days and trying to understand how paths cross and ways meet to treat one to such a great seat next to another soul who has weathered more than most. I drive and think…

Following this road under a river I am captured by the reflection of a heavenly body in the rear view mirror. Our moon partially visible but fully there, I swear this means something, but maybe these eyes are seeking more than they see in a reflection of a reflection. Maybe not? Who knows? I sure don’t. Cherish is the word I hold close and boldly walk past places where this life could have perished. Even the memories I recently recalled through smoke and bottles, bring tinges of pain tucked away to survive days that were heavier than anything Atlas could have held.

Taking the final turn home from a fifty minute thought process I look up and see in front of me the moon reflecting bright sunlight recently bent around our world. Swirls of smiles well up inside, I try to understand but stop and choose to cherish the moments I have recently walked, talked and shared.

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