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A Conversation the Other Day

Posted on August 9th, 2015

A conversation the other day stays stuck in my throat. Don’t know how to handle her words in order to grow through this love/hate way I relate. To paraphrase, “This (waves arms) is the church, and that, inside those walls, is the church. We are part of all of the above, around and beneath.”

But I’ve had enough of that in there inside those closed doors of people striving to be. Underneath this hardened skin I breath deep the humanity we need. A damn challenging thing when a thought you can’t quite swallow, stays stuck pushing you deeper down beyond what you can currently understand.

Am I choking on a gnat while ingesting a camel whole? I don’t know but have a hope, time will roll along while I walk, wander and ponder conversations like the other day will continue to occur because iron will always be used to sharpen the hard parts of my heart.

(Matthew 23:24, Proverbs 27:17)

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