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Healthy Together

Posted on September 11th, 2015

Everything in me wants you
to be the you I need,
however this heart in me can see
my need is not you or anyone else.

Right now, emotions confused.

My desire for We defeated my need
to be free for a time, so we tried.
We tried hard but could not force
our hearts into symbiotic parts.

Twist you, churn me?

For we had both been trained to change in years gone by,
so I had to walk away the other day before I broke into pieces.
Emotional releases, I could not seize us or reprieve us
for the briefest of seasons. Time had to pass alone.

 I felt lost all over again.

Can’t see the end from here but I still hope
my heart can find a home in you.
Some day, on another stage, mutualism
may mate your breath to mine.

Could solo adventures reshape us?

There may be a place where sweet sugar cane
floats along rivers of honey into a sea
free of the things presently pushing us
into separate paths without relationship relapse.

Put it away Dave.

For a time? I don’t know, but I must sow
seeds upon my own dry land
before I can ever expect to see
my soul regrow fruits that help me or anyone else be,

healthy together.

Have you ever fallen in love but at some point realized you needed to walk away? Well here you go, a little poem from my brain to yours… Sometimes we need to be alone in order to get healthy before we can be healthy while connected to another person.

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