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Posted on October 27th, 2015

For so long I buttoned up to fit within the din
Of expectations surrounding me.
“Rolls” racked my brain, every day
I would wake and walk out something
Far outside the me I could see
Hiding behind a crisp ‘n’ clean veneer.
Steered left seeking ways past
Each right angle boxing truth in.

But wisdom slowly awakened a retaking of self
Where externalities no longer framed or defined
The realities inside, pounding out wrought iron ratifications
And steel figures formed from the fires of self-awareness,
Found deep within an imperative cornerstone of
Confidence, creativity and empirical proof.
While they may seek external similarities
Of clothed, colored and controlled containers,
My genuine essence must delve deep down
To uncover sacred truths from behind this edifice
Surrounding my soul with skin, breath and bone.

Decorations do not define the content
Capable of forming within and
Flowing out into the hearts of others.
Moving past mirrors not pulled,
Pressed or stuck like Narcissus,
I proactively fly freely past enslaving mentalities.
Internally moving mile high mountains.
Unhindered truth radiates and eradicates
Dark expectations with flashing fractals of life
that simply make me, well, me.

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