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I must make and create…

Posted on November 5th, 2015

I must make and create to break through this liquid like state that coagulates and cakes up cycling thoughts rolling through imaginary realities. Like an Appalachian Spring I hope to seed a renewed sense of blissfulness to sounds swept under the rug for simplicity’s sake, so now I’m raking up leaves left over from Fall’s charming release. All belief in something may only be seen inside the minds we use to move and manipulate our surroundings. I change and rearrange view finders. Bending light around blinders to capture that which is taking hold of me as I seek out tiny creeks leading me to a sea I’ve never seen but mean to shape, form and free for others to swim within. Rhythmic waves pulse out nascent states of ancient material enmeshing massive amounts of renewed sensibilities in those who are willing to explore that which they have received.

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