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Shedding Shackles

Posted on December 7th, 2015

Even though it won’t stop we often wonder if it will while deeply rooted pains are obtained when helpless little things become broken behind bars of legitimately crack brained bastards. A wind sings and sang the tragedy of broken children littering side streets, yet worlds ride by staring strong down each road ahead. Thankfully there are those who chose and choose to light a fuse each new day.

Pulling up roots, mud covered boots trudge over piles of toppled trees that once covered the past in shadows. Tossing branches, trunks and leaves into mile high blazes that feed and fertilize symbolic self immolation. Releasing godforsaken filth. Searing soul revitalization. Shedding shackles of childhood incarceration. Salvaging freedom within a lifetime, reincarnation.

Thus, shining on forever upon a new being pierced yet healing day by day. Minute by minute dirty dying giants diminish under great greenery growing from renewed soil. Watered daily, fed and freed to take over, forming brand new victorious visualizations. Dark hills laid straight through fires of self discovery. Godlike good inside sits upon the throne, scepter in hand, appointing each parasitic growth a proper time to perish. No longer looking out from solitary, though weary, shouts of self worth endure rebirth while walking tall over earth into each new day, again and again, ad infinitum, shining, lighting and loving, capable of contentedly stepping into something other, over there, wrapped with joy.

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