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Transparency in Closing

Seeking Out Some Truth

Removing Sand

Lashed Down

You Were a Rock


Stop and Smell the (teeny tiny) Flowers

A Broken Landscape

How Long?

Fortunate Son

John Hughes – Obituary

Vivid Memories


Gone? What? Huh?

Lamenting – Jeremy the Red

Sarah Horn – A Beautiful Life Celebrated Everywhere

A Southern, Northern, and Everywhere Celebration of Sarah Halperin Horn

Love is…

I don’t remember a book ever bringing me to unstoppable tears like “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.

God Is Not Church

The Little Lady – Blessing My Child

Not Go

Cross Your Heart with Children…

Cross Your Heart and Pray for Hope – Video

Cross Your Heart and Pray for Hope

I Think I am Beginning to Know Why the Cage Bird Sings

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